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Who are we ? 

Diamond City Jewelers come from a long history of business owners, watchmakers, commodity traders such as buying and selling Gold, Silver, Diamonds. For over 100 years Diamond City Jewelers has been a part of making memories in many family milestones. Lou Diamond, the son of a watchmaker, started in the family business when he was a kid and started learning the jewelry business from a very young age.

By 1994 Lou Diamond attended GIA to become a certified jeweler gemologist. Developing a reputation for hard work and commitment, Lou Diamond founded Diamond City Jewelers and began selling, creating, repairing jewelry for clients in Southfield Michigan and grew to thousands of satisfied clients within a very short period of time.

By 2007 Lou Diamond custom designed and built his store in Southfield Michigan. This decision launched Diamond City Jewelers to a new level of sophistication, customer service.

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Our mission is to continue to provide high quality jewelry & service to our customers for years to come.

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Our vision is to be able to pass the business down to the next generation and become an integral part of our clients’ accomplishments.

Why choose Diamond city?

Expressing romance and appreciation through bridal jewelry and gift giving is very important to our customers, as is self-reward. Diamond City Jewelers believes customers associate our brands with high quality jewelry and an outstanding customer experience. Diamond City Jewelers increases the attraction  of store brands to customers through the use of branded differentiated and exclusive merchandise, while offering a compelling value proposition in more basic ranges. In all aspects of our business, Diamond City Jewelers follows the operating principles of excellence in execution.

What Clients Say

Certified diamonds shops michigan – Diamond City Jewelwers

If you are buying a diamond for the first time, you might be untrained and certified, and uncertified diamonds look identical. Jump in similar shapes, and both reflect light in attractive flashes of brilliance and fire. One of the most apparent differences here is the price tag. The certified diamonds cost way more than the uncertified ones, but it is essential and well worth investment to purchase a diamond with a certificate.

Reasons To Visit Certified Diamond Shops Michigan Such as Diamond City Jewelwers.

A certified diamond has been graded on the 4 Cs. It cannot wait as a diamond’s weight is measured in metric carrots where one carat is equal to 0.2 grams, and ace precision is essential in a diamond industry. Gemologists usually measure a diamond weight down to 100 thousand of a carrot rounded off.

Ideally, colorless diamonds are scarce. Several diamonds come in different shades of yellow and brown. The gem lab’s more excellent diamond color on a scale that begins with d and ends with Z. The colorless diamonds fall into the categories of G to J.

They are commonly used in engagement rings and other jewelry. During the formation, diamonds pick up the internal inclusions and blemishes, so clarity plays a crucial role in terms of the number and type of imperfections. The diamond clarity scale starts internally flawless and continues through 7 more categories to the least valuable inclusions.

The diamond retailers certify the stones, and the certificates are often biased and do not like any precision. The most trustworthy diamond certificates come from independent dream laboratories. A diamond-cut color and clarity besides weight are all qualities that the typical buyer cannot evaluate, and some Jewelers consider this. They sell UNcertified diamonds with exaggerated claims about the quality, and the buyer will find out later that they paid too much for inferior diamond quality.

Diamond City Jewelwers – Best Certified Diamonds Shops Michigan

If you plan to buy the best quality diamond, you need to look no further as we have your back. Our experts offer a perfect certificate that will guarantee the stone’s quality and act as a protection to your investment.

Diamond City Jewelwers is indeed one of the best destinations for buying one the best quality of Jewelry. The biggest perk here is that you will get a huge variety to choose from.