Jewelry Repair Southfield at Diamond City Jewelers

Many things need to be fixed at Diamond City Jewelers. That’s the bulk of what we’ve built this business on. There are many different things we’ve seen and learned over the years. The bench jewelers (also called goldsmiths) at our store talked to us about the most common jewelry repair And Watch Repair Southfield and things to look out for to keep your jewelry in the best shape possible.

The size of a ring

This is by far the most common thing that people need to do to make their rings fit better. All day, we work on these. This is how it would work for Lionel: He could write songs about it all day long. The job is to figure out what size finger you have and make the ring fit that size. We make these in half and quarter sizes to make sure your little beauty stays on your finger when we need to.

Repair of a Shank that is broke

In your mind, you would think that wasn’t possible. But we see it all the time. Whenever you think of gold, platinum, and other metals, you usually think of how hard they are to break. This is why we use them in jewelry. However, your jewelry is put through a lot of stress and wear. When there is some stress and wear and some pressure, things can break down over time. Nine out of ten times, the shank’s base will break. Follow US

Repair of PlungersJewelers often use “prongs” to keep a gemstone in place so that it can be shown off in the best light possible (literally). When you wear it, the metal that holds the rock in place thins or breaks off, called “prong re-tipping” when it is fixed.

Prongs work like a bunch of little fingers that hold and cradle the gem. Take a small ball and keep it in your hand with your fingers instead of your palm. This will make it look like this. Your fingers are what you use to hold the prongs in this case.

“Seat” is a small notch on each prong. This is where the gem’s “girdle” rests in each of these places. The “tip” of the prong is above the notch. This tip should look like a small bead.

If you have any jewelry repair Southfield, then don’t hesitate to visit Diamond City Jewelers!