Do you need last-minute cash?

Do you need quick cash on the same day, Diamond City Jewelers specializes in providing collateral loans on almost any valuable item. We provide smaller size to large-size cash loans on the same day.

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How does it work?

A pawn loan is a collateral Loan. This means you would provide anything of value as a security for the loan. If the borrower doesn’t pay the loan, the lender in this case Diamond City Jewelers And Watch Repair keeps the security. Because each loan is guaranteed by collateral, there is no credit report required. Rates are 3% per month with a $3 storage fee per month. Follow Now

What items are considered valuable in order to receive a Pawn Loan from Diamond City Jewelers?

  • Real Gold and Silver Jewelry
  • Gold and Silver Bullion
  • High-End Watches
  • Cartier Eyeglasses


To get a loan, Just bring in your valuable items to get an estimate.


Cash For Jewelry Michigan At Diamond City Jewelers

Take your gold to Diamond City Jewelers to get a gold loan. Cash loans Michigan can be quickly paid back with the security of gold as collateral. It’s easier to get cash for jewelry Michigan if you have gold as a security. Interest rates are low, and there are many options for how long the loan lasts. Diamond City Jewelers are safe because they know that the money they lend is safe. The borrower can use his gold to get cash loans Michigan almost immediately and at a lower interest rate.

With gold, how can one make the most of it?

The first thing you need to do is keep an eye on the price of gold. The simplest and oldest way to make money off of commodities is to buy them cheap and sell them for a high price. Keep an eye on global indicators and factors that affect the price of gold, and make intelligent, well-timed buys. In most cases, your gold will rise in value over time and become more valuable. There is a very tiny possibility that the gold price will fall far below the price you paid for it.

So buy when the price is low, and don’t sell it for two years, no matter how much the price changes. Sell it after 2 to 3 years when you find the best price. As a rule, you should never sell all your gold. You should always have enough gold to fall back on. Wait a while after you sell gold to buy more.

Diamond City Jewelers – One Stop Destination To Get Cash For Jewelry Michigan

Remember that the higher the gold rate is when you want to get a loan, the more money you’ll get because your gold will be good enough to justify more than when you bought it. People will do all of their business with your gold at the rate they think it’s worth when they buy it, no matter what the rate was when they bought it.

Open your gold locker if you need cash for jewelry Michigan. Take your gold to the Diamond City Jewelers. When you’re paying back the loan you took out, the benefits can work in your favor. It’s easier to pay back a loan with a lower interest rate and a longer-term if you choose that.