How do I clean my jewelry? And how often?

For diamond and gold jewelry you can clean as often as you want.  How to clean?  Simply boil some water and dish soap and let sit and brush with an old toothbrush and rinse. This method is recommended for diamonds and gold only.

Most gemstones are fragile and can break or crack under pressure and heat, so just use warm water and a toothbrush to clean anything else, or consult with a professional jewelers store.

How can I tell if Gold is real?

This has been the question for a lifetime, the answer is experience with the metal unless you have proper methods for testing for gold, and these days a lot of stuff is going around that tests as gold, always get anything looked at professionally before purchasing.

(And never buy anything off the street)!!

How can I tell if a Diamond is real?

Again experience beats everything else including diamond testers which I am not fond of. Today they are making Diamonds that look just like earth mined diamonds, also there is moissanite that is lab created but originated from meteorites, these gemstones also look like a diamond and can pass a diamond tester.